Monday, January 16, 2012

Diary of a busy girl

Hey Guys!

It's monday and the clubs and societies already started. yeah! a lot of things have been going on today at school.. haha

Guess what?

I am kinda greedy? wow? really? haha yeah to get more points for co curricular what happened was first thing, there is a new club for this year in my school.. The name is KB-PAC, it stands for Kepong Baru Performance Art Community. I am so excited for this club cause it would be a lot of activities besides full packed of entertainment... Watching theater,performing and more! Plus, I got treasurer post.. (I don't know why but it seems that I got a lot of treasurer job..) haha lol xD

Then, I went to Bahasa Malaysia club. haha Actually I had to go for maths and science club but instead that we went for BM club (you know BM stands for what? haha) but for BM club, I got secretary post. Like whoa! kinda busy post but (psstt... I actually like secretary post, I don't know why.. haha)

Now is the interesting part, we went for maths and science club really late and teacher was asking where were we going? (including two of my friends) we were kinda panicked and didn't know what to answer. We had to tell the truth as no other answers in our mind, we answered the truth and then..

you know what happens next?

teacher said "there's no way you can join more than one club.. you have to decide which one you want to join.. give me the answer in the next meeting."

I've decided to.. (I can't reveal it because for fun!) haha

haha.. this story hangs like this lol xD

xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest but don't join societies and clubs the fullest.. haha lol

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