Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Rocket Volum' Express Mascara by Maybelline

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In this post, I decided to give a review on the latest mascara by Maybelline which is the Rocket Volum' Express mascara. This mascara has just landed in Malaysia. You have no idea how ecstatic I was when I first got the news from Maybelline Malaysia FB page. I decided to voice out my opinion because I'm in love with this mascara ever since before it has arrived in Malaysia itself. I'm a youtube geek, I always watch beauty-related videos (as you can tell! haha) because I make beauty videos on youtube too LOL I was always wishing for this mascara to be in Malaysia market and finally! here it is.
tadaaa! the Rocket Volum' Express mascara
the non-clumpy brush
Onto the review: I have already made it obvious that I am lovin' this mascara (background song: mcd song I'm lovin' it!) haha I really love how this mascara doesn't clump my lashes. For me, the wand is special and not like the regular spooly mascara brushes. I am so impressed that, this mascara makes my lashes fuller and voluminous. It also makes my lashes longer. If you're looking a non-expensive drugstore mascara but the quality is just like high end mascaras, this is the right choice. I definitely recommend this mascara to you guys, beauty junkies out there.
The result :) amazebean! haha
Rating: ****
Product: ****
Packaging: ****
Quality: ****
Price: ***

Would I repurchase this? Definitely Yes!
I hope you guys had fun reading this post of mine and I hope this review helps to those who are still in doubt of purchasing this mascara.

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me and this review is a completely honest review by me =)

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Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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