Monday, December 5, 2011

I went to langkawi.. ♥

I went to Langkawi for my vacation recently..

It was so fun!

Here is the timeline to share with you the awesomeness of the vacation!

Transport: we went by train to Arau.. p/
s it was a freaking 17 hours to get there but to get home it was punctual..Plus 1 hour more to get to Langkawi by Ferry.
The night before day 1We departed from KL Sentral.. like I said, It was a freaking 17 hours to get to Langkawi I was like so excited!

Day 1We arrived at Langkawi at about 9 something. In the night, I called it Pre-Shopping.. but at the time I started to get crazy with all those chocs and sweets.. but for Pre-Shopping, I just bought Daim hey my fav too! and Kinder Bueno!

Day 2The most exciting part.. We went like a tour. Boat tour. We went to Pregnant Maiden Lake and Wet Rice Island.. At Pregnant Maiden Lake,I didn't swim because my parents were like too cautious desp
ite we have to use the life jacket to swim that 98 feet = 30 metres beach..I put my feet down with all those catfish instead. Here comes the most exciting part, We never experienced this before. We were kinda not aware with the warning. We still brought plastics. As we entered the entrance, All of the monkeys already started ambush and then attacked us p/s hehe the plastics.. Our food were gone! disappeared from us! I was panicking as I never experienced before.. I was scared..but then kinda furious because our food were vanished because of them.. Then at the Wet Rice Island, I swam at the beach.. but all of a sudden, we started seeing jellyfishes.. Immediately I stopped swimming but then the boat driver said "It's not that dangerous" :-[ hehe.. actually we got attacked by the monkeys again at here but this time he went and took the food on the table.. He was so rude! Really inappropriate to do like that! Oh not to forget, we went for "sightseeing" the eagles.. Our boat driver did a drift too on the water.. haha overall, it was so fun and tiring too... Despite we were kinda tired, In the night we went for the real shopping! of course we spent hundreds of bucks as we called it "real shopping" haha..
Day 3we packed our stuff.. cause it was the time for us to go home :'( but our train was
7.20pm we still went for window shopping des
pite our money was getting lesser and lesser.. We took the troop sleeper so we slept until the next morning(this morning)
It was a really awesome journey!

The end.

the place where we accommodated..
Chogm Villa
[pic is taken from the website]

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