Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Langkawi for the 2nd time! :D

Hey readers!

As promised, here is my post about Langkawi. Actually it was my 2nd time going to Langkawi except for this time, I went by Airplane. So cool... Enjoyed this time more! haha In fact, it was the longest stay cause I stayed for 5 days and 4 nights. Just imagine how long is that but still, time flies so fast. I just want to come back there again :( In this post I will share the pics with you all.
Yeah! Flying off to Langkawi by AirAsia (: say Hi before entering the airplane
Yup! We just arrived Langkawi.. all looked tired cause it was already night!
our accommodation.. simfoni hotel, a new built hotel :)
Yeay! Got the symbolic picture.. Dataran Helang!
Didn't miss the epic picture. Me lifting the eagle. Lol
went cable car.. I can never overcome my fear of height.. my cousins took advantage of bullying me in the cable car :(
At the top of Langkawi.. couldn't wait to come down lol
had fun at Tanjung Rhu beach too.. awesome!! haha jet ski rempit habis :P
Finally the picture of what we shopped!! haha non other than chocs!! haha tonnes of chocs :P
The last picture before we headed back to KL :( despite I kept calm but no one knew what's in my heart leaving Langkawi :'( BTW, this pic is so sweet. My dearest cousin and me =)

Here is the list of places that we went this time. This list maybe can guide you all for those who haven't went to Langkawi. Visit Langkawi!! It's awesomeee :D

Langkawi cable car, Gunung Mat Chinchang: The activity which I was most terrified and my cousins took advantage to bully me because of my fear of height haha but it was okay actually.. nice view and scenery from the top of Langkawi.

Tanjung Rhu beach: where we were riding jet ski. wohooo! the most awesome activity and moment for me cause we were riding like so far and the beautiful thing was we saw a school of fish was jumping. we were thrilled! lol

Pantai Cenang: I know this is a hot spot for the tourists. We went late night. It was rousing despite it was already late night. The amazing thing was we watched fire show.

Dataran Helang: A nice spot to take picture and symbolic for Langkawi.. The huge Eagle! haha

Kuah: A city center in Langkawi where we went shopping! Holy crap, it was a lot and tonnes of chocs that we bought. haha our accommodation is located here too (:

I hope you all enjoyed this complete informational post from me. haha I hope this post can guide for those who haven't visited Langkawi. Visit Langkawi!! You'll never regret and for those who have visited it's a lovely place that you would want to come back. Now, I really miss Langkawi and my moments with my cousins there :( Never mind, there is always another time for me to visit Langkawi. wow! I just realized I just spent about an hour on this awesome post haha 

see you in the next post!
xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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