Thursday, February 14, 2013

Asia's Next Top Model: Who is going to win?

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I'm back with Asia's Next Top Model post. Yeah! Lol I just watched the repeat show. I can't believe it that the next episode is gonna be a finale! Whoa! In a blink of an eye. How time flies, huh? haha definitely not that happy not having my country representative on final but still enjoy watching it though hehe Actually I love all the girls on Asia's Next Top Model except helena. Lol! haha Just kidding! I know everyone has their own personality/attitude XP

It's sad to see Sofia go but the competition is getting tougher and heating up. We have to have contestants who consistently show good performances and have that true potential to becoming Asia's Next Top Model.

So, who do you think will hold the title of Asia's Next Top Model for the very first season? I'm not trying to be buyers lol but..

Jessica: A contestant from Thailand. Her consistent performance really makes me go wow! Despite she's quiet and shy but she has that potential to be Asia's Next Top Model. Never judge a book by it's cover, girl! hehe

Kate: A contestant from Taiwan. I kinda like her because of her crazy/playful attitude but when it comes to photoshoots. She nails those photoshoots! Go girl! rrrRRRrrrr haha

Stephanie: A contestant from Philippines. She has got that lovely personality but consecutively been in bottom two. She was safe again when she was in bottom two with Sofia and that saved a spot for her to be in top 3.

Who would be the winner? Let's just watch the final episode and see their performances for the last time. Omg omg omg I really can't wait for it. Can we have time machine now? so that we can just watch the finale now haha lol that will never happen! XD
From left: Jessica,Kate,Stephanie

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