Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Long holidays for Raya :P

Hey everyone!
SWAG - it's time to party....! cause it's semester break!
As I am writing this, I'm chilling at home cause guess what? My semester 2 is over. So happy =D I am really glad cause I get to spend more time at home and more time for raya. My finals were okay but I am still freaking out about Elementary Statistics. Let's just hope I'll get a decent result a.k.a not failing *cross two fingers* lol Now is the time for me to relax and to not think about studies temporarily hehe :P so, my semester break is until 16th of August. Quite long, huh? That is why I have to make use of the time and need to spend, fulfill all the activities that have been pending before this.

In the mean time, I'm really excited for raya. I can't wait to go for shopping and to go back to my hometown!! I miss my hometown a.k.a Taiping, my granny and my aunt :P I am no other than other girls cause I'll just shop what other girls shop. I don't have a specific list on what to shop other than outfits,accessories,makeup and bla bla bla (the list goes on and on) I really get to spend raya happily and no worries cause I get that long holidays.

Besides being happy, I feel blessed cause I get to have this semester break right at this moment which is the Fasting and Raya Season. I've got a list for my raya preparation. All will be done in my hometown. Wow! Interesting, huh? The list includes, doing my nails, having my hair makeover and more! ;D The one reason what I like about my hometown is, everything is just really cheap! and that is why I'm doing all my raya preparation there. It is gonna be my first time too... Really can't wait! =D
Journey to my hometown by train
I guess I've shared enough with you guys! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this ;)
xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D


  1. Bulu ketiak tu hah.. Angkat tinggi Sgt la u neh

  2. Bulu ketiak tu hah.. Angkat tinggi Sgt la u neh



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