Sunday, March 10, 2013

After some time.. ♡ Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid

Hey there!

I hope my blog is not rusting lol I've been into a lot of stuff lately and I love it. I really want to spend my free time now before it lasts cause it is going to end in a few weeks. Gosh! How scary it is to take SPM result but we gotta keep calm and spend the moments before taking the SPM result. I bet I'm gonna be busy after taking SPM result cause I'm gonna enter college. I really hope I can do ADP later on.

Yesterday, Saturday which was 9/3/2013 (lol do I really have to put down the date haha XD) I met my friends. We went for an outing. It was freaking fun. You have no idea how I miss my friends. We went to Sunway Pyramid. The journey started from Segambut KTM station to KL Sentral. We took monorail from KL Sentral to Kelana Jaya. From Kelana Jaya monorail, we took bus to Sunway Pyramid which was U623 ;) (a lil' guide for you guys if you wanna get to Sunway Pyramid by public transport)

When we reached there, of course we had lunch first at Popeyes (If you wanna have something that is the same concept as KFC) After that, we went to ice skating rink. How I miss going for ice skating. I used to go for ice skating like every month. It has been my routine and I think I wanna start the routine again cause I love ice skating ♡ ♡ ♡ I thought I forget how to skate but it went smooth and I guess the ability is just in me hehe

Other than that, I just miss my friends so much. It's sad that my best friend couldn't join and It was just me and the guys (yo!my gang haha) but I still had a blast anyway ;) Here are some photos taken (at the ice rink) I ♡ them and will always miss them. The coolest friends I ever have.
From Left : Hermen,Simon and me =D
The most left: Raja :)
I miss my friends ♡
I ♡ ice skating. Mad skills? (as what my friend said) hehe
I guess I stop my post here. I hope you guys enjoyed my post this time and also enjoyed looking at the pics hehe till next time, bye! tehee =D

Have an awesome day ;)
xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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