Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blood Type and it's characteristic

Hey guys! haha I can see you are reading this post.

I am done with the monthly test! fuh what a reliever! (hurmm.... not really SPM is not done yet.. haih -__-) anyway this is kinda interesting post cause you know why? I am gonna share with you all about Blood Type and It's Characteristic! haha actually A bunch of my friends and me were talking about this cause two people from my classmates are doing this "experiment and analyzing" about people and their blood type and their character! haha
P/s I didn't even think to go this deeper but it was a very interesting topic and I went deeper.. haha so excited talking about this and now I'm sharing with you all..

what is your blood type?
(true confession! until now, I don't even know what's my blood type.. hehe LAME rite..)

Blood type A : whoever from this blood type always want to finish their work quickly! get their work done quickly! In the other word, no delay!

Blood type B : People from this blood type normally won't care about anything that's happening to them. (they don't take something seriously) In the other word, no hard feeling in their dictionary!

Blood type AB : this blood type is the most dangerous and untouchable blood type cause whoever has this blood type, they are hot-tempered,fierce

Blood type O : seriously, whoever is this blood type always fool around or horse around.. haha

I have no idea why am I sharing this.. but this is so interesting analyzed by Alicia and Nadhirah (mind sharing both of your names haha)

Now you think.. which blood type you are and you judge and analyze it! I don't know about you, only you know about yourself! haha :)

I hope you enjoy reading this post! Have fun! No hard feeling but hard thinking, yo! we are cool.. haha

xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest!

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