Saturday, June 2, 2012

Satay Station ♥

Hey guys!

whoa! I know it has been a long time that I didn't blog since April 16th. I know rite. Like what?! Where is Diana. yeah! I'm still alive. You know, exams and stuff. Now I'm resuming back my blog ;D Guess what? I had satay yesterday's night. It was freaking awesome that is why I have to blog about this satay station.

I bet most of you all know about this famous and awesomely delicious satay. Yeah! I'm talking about Satay Station. I know before this, JJCM aired about this. It is so freaking true that it is so freaking delicious. Actually my mom was the one who really wanted to try this satay. As usual I captured a few pics.

Yeah! This is what I'm talking about ~
Let me sniff the jealousy haha Close-up of the satays..
My carrot milk wee ~
Yeah! This is the right way to eat. Awesomely we messed up the table (:
but still I enjoyed the satays just didn't want my stomach to get overloaded haha one stick of satay costs RM1 but hey! money is no matter if the food is delicious. Right? Here is a little guide: For drink, I recommend you all to order fruit drink or juice. I considered that is another special feature. I forgot to mention, it has a lot of branches. The one that I went yesterday was Ampang Branch.

I really recommend you all to try satay station. For further information about Satay Station, you can always visit their blog Satay Station

I hope you all enjoyed this post of mine. Don't forget to try satay station hehe (:
Bye for now!

xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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