Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to my Iron Lady ❤


Yet another post of mine.. I told you that it's gonna be more post right up. This is like a 'blograthon' for me. I think this is as my punishment for me for not blogging for so long hehe Last 12/5/2013, we all know it was mother's day. Each and everyone celebrated mother's day with their own special/creative way. The celebration for my mom was quite simple. We bought a chocolate cake for her and it was so good hehe :P
The chocolate cake; especially for my iron lady (:
I know it is not comparable to her sacrifices and to what she has done as a mother for the whole family :'( In fact, to pay back for my mom's sacrifices is just too much. I salute my mom and just recently gave her a title, iron lady. My mom is a tough woman. She has done a lot for our family. That is the reason why I gave her that title. She is that woman that would never back down and never give up for us. I am really inspired by my mom and hoping to be like her someday when I have a family :)
My precious asset in life
Thanks for everything mom! Thanks for keeping me inspired and motivated so that I can go on this life :) I hope someday I will make you proud of having me as your daughter.
A decent picture of my mom and me. Like Mother,Like Daughter (:
Respect your mom,guys! haha despite they can be annoying at times but they sacrifice so much and they are the ones who went through labor pain and that's the reason we are here :)
Here is to my mom (one of my all-time fav quotes)
xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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