Friday, May 17, 2013

❤ My Birthday/Combined Birthdays Celebration ❤

Hey everybody!

I know this is too late to be posted and I'm sorry for posting this like really really late. (Ps: You know I'm busy with college and just done with my finals hehe yay!) So, on my birthday which was 1st of May (yeah! I know my birthday is on labor day which I feel special) we celebrated at Restoran Tupai-Tupai. It was a combined birthdays celebration. Attended by some of my big family members. It was fun to be gathered with family ;)
Yummylicious! The chocolate cake :)
There was 6 combined birthdays in total including me. My uncle and me have the same birthday. I'm glad to be having the same birthday as my uncle hehe as you can see we were having chocolate cake (I think it was dark chocolate) Yums! drooling? good? because I intend to make you go drooling lol haha
The six birthdays celebration hehe
The things that I really love when it comes to family gathering are we can gossip,chat,share each other's update and laugh out loud.
More photo of us
Another photo of us (I promise this is the last one!) hehe
We had variety of foods. Steamboat was the main dish I guess haha Others were the buffets such as fried rice,fried mee,fried mee hoon and more. The special thing about this restaurant is, we aren't allowed to waste the foods. Food taken based on the quantity needed/wanted or else you will have to pay RM10 per 100gm of wasted food. So, better don't waste and this teaches us to appreciate food haha (Amazingly, I could finish all the foods that I had taken lol)
It's time to cut the cake (:
Overall, It was a night to remember for my birthday celebration this year. It was fun to gather with family. A moment that we all need to cherish together.

I hope you enjoy reading this post of mine and more posts are coming right up. Stay tuned!
xo ♥,
Remember to live your life the fullest! =D

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